Exciting In-House Activities for Your Kids during the Monsoons


Monsoons are a season of joy and add colors of happiness to our life! The soothing breeze, the colorful rainbows, and the greenery that nature adapts in full force is just amazing isn’t it? Kids also love the monsoons as much as adults. If it would have been 2019 BC (Before Corona) or the previous times, you would have let the children have a splash in the puddles and enjoy their monsoons! But during these times, we cannot!

Let your kids experience the wonderful monsoon treat through the windows. A moment comes when the little ones are bored of just watching through the window. Watching a movie or playing games on a smartphone is not a good idea as too much screen time can prove hazardous for your child. So, what can be done? There are a plethora of options rather than just staying glued to the screen. We present you with some ideas that can sail your kid through the tumultuous waves of boredom!

Chef’tastic Time!

Kids always have a curiosity about the mystery of the delicious smells emanating from the kitchen! You can either give some utensils to your kids for creating their tiny makeshift kitchen to start their virtual cooking or teach them some fireless cooking by letting them prepare some simple recipes such as lime juice or fresh sprout salad!

Add Colors to Your Kid’s Life!

Coloring is one of the best pastimes for kids since time immemorial! Just let the kids imbibe their creativity on the pages of color books or just let them color on blank drawing pages and explore their creativity! These activities will definitely add colorful moments to your kid’s life! Let them explore their inner Picasso and who knows, s/he might be the next Picasso in the making?

Developing Masterpieces through No-Sew Fabric Items

No-sew fabric items can serve as a treat for your little one and can instantly kill boredom! Toys or puppets can be made from old socks, coasters, cardigans, coasters, etc. This will surely bring considerable joy in your child’s life and also hone their artistic skills!

Obstacles Can Be Fun!

Create obstacle courses at your home that can not only entertain your little one but also provide some exercise for them! Motor skills are an added bonus. You can set up a mini obstacle course at your home by using household items like pillows, furniture, boxes, small stools, etc. Be sure that it does not just include brisk walking but crawling and jumping too.

Go Green!

If you have plants at home, then gardening is an amazing activity. It provides an opportunity to develop a bond between the plants and the kids. If you have some mustard seeds, let them plant it in empty pots or let them just water the plants. You can also explain to them the benefits of tree plantation and inculcate the qualities of eco-friendliness.

Craft Something New!

Sit with your child and help him/her create tiny masterpieces through homemade materials. You can make something that resonates with the monsoon season. A small umbrella is a classic instance. For this, all you need is a straw, disposable paper plates, colors, glue, and scissors. You can also put a small toy under the umbrella to add to the fun!

You can also enthrall your child by chanting some rhymes or songs related to the monsoon season. These activities will surely add a rainbow of joyful moments in your child’s life! Your child will not just enjoy these activities but will also learn something new and wonderful. These activities will also inculcate moral values as well as enhance their motor skills to a great extent!

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