Cooking is Not Just an Art, But a Life-Changing Experience for Your Kids!


Cooking with kids is not only about recipes, ingredients, and cooking, it is about inculcating imagination, creativity, and empowerment! If you feel that cooking is just a fun activity for your little one, think again! It’s not just a fun activity for your kid but also a great learning experience! Encouraging your child’s culinary interests not only spices up the day for him/her but also imbibes certain important life-lessons.

Cooking not only offers some happy time with your little one but also helps in teaching math, science, and other numerous benefits. You must be curious and a question must be revolving in your head: How? Here’s a guide on the major life lessons that cooking offers to your little superstars!

Propels Confidence

‘Mom, look I made this salad myself!’ This statement is enough to convince you how beneficial teaching cooking to your kids is! Preparing a new dish instills extensive confidence in your child’s mind and they feel a sense of pride and achievement. This will make your little superstar self-confident and imbibing this at the foundation years on their souls will help them greatly in their future life!

There Are No Shortcuts in Life!

You cannot just add vegetables, toss it with spices, and serve! Cooking involves proper washing, cutting, and a good mixture of all the ingredients to make a tasty dish. Therefore, cooking teaches the kids that for attaining something worthy in life, no shortcuts can help; instead, it will make matters worse!

Challenges Come and We Can Overcome Them

Cooking is a tedious process! It’s no cakewalk. What if we compare this statement to life? You can overcome the challenges but you should have the courage, determination, and skills to overcome the problems! Now, parents are no spiritual gurus nor are the children so obedient to absorb all this gyaan and not yawn once! Cooking can do this for you! During cooking, more salt or more sugar can be added mistakenly but it’s about how we react to this situation! So, this can be a great reality of life shown through cooking!

Acts as Ramanujan for your Child!

Do you know cooking can serve as a math teacher for your kid? For instance, count the number of potatoes to be boiled or what quantity is going in the dish if we are adding two tomatoes and 3 onions? Practical learning and visualization is the best form of learning and it can work wonders for your little one! Hence, cooking can also help to hone your kids’ math skills!

Introduces our Culture to your Kids!

Cooking can act as a bridge that will associate our vast and diverse culture with your child through food! Supposedly, if it’s Ganesh Chaturthi and you want to introduce your child to the rich tradition behind celebrating the festivities. You can take their help in mixing the Modak filling and simultaneously explain to them the importance of Ganesh Chaturthi.

Now as you understood the importance of teaching cooking to your little ones, we sign off with a quick fireless cooking recipe for you to prepare it with your child!

Mixed Sprout Chaat

This recipe is one of the easiest and tastiest dishes that your child will definitely like!


  • Sprouts: 1 bowl
  • Grated cucumber: Half bowl
  • Finely chopped tomato: 1
  • Lemon: 1
  • Salt and pepper: As per taste

Procedure : Firstly, take the sprouts and add them in a big bowl. Add tomatoes and grated cucumber to this mixture. Then, sprinkle some lemon juice, add salt and pepper, and mix it thoroughly. Yes! Your little ones are ready to attack the delicious and nutritious sprouts chaat!

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